Melisa McGuire has been assisting the greater Springfield community for over 7 years. Her impressive knowledge of the area and strong negotiating skills have helped over 500 people buy, sell, and invest in real estate.

She began her career under the expertise of one of Springfield’s top producers and went on to become his full-time buyer’s agent. They were nationally recognized as Keller Williams’ top ranking team in the number of units sold for two years in a row. In May of 2018, Melisa made the decision to pursue her career as a lead agent. She began scoping-out talent and forming her own team.

Over time, she made crucial hires for Operations Manager and Showing Agent.

Melisa McGuire

Lead Agent

Melisa was born in Springfield, Missouri and graduated from Willard High school. In her search for purpose, Melisa enlisted in the US Air Force where she faced an environment of extreme challenges and high standards.

This experience instilled the tenacious sense of drive and discipline Melisa exercises to this day. In May of 2018, Melisa launched her own business and carefully selected a team. With each member bringing unique abilities to the table, the team is highly effective in achieving goals and overcoming expectations.

Their shared vision is evident. The team is passionate about working closely with people to aid and direct them in these meaningful transactions. Melisa helped 107 families in 2018 and over 500 families to date. She enjoys spending time with her husband Ian and their two children, Aubree and Mia.

Melisa’s hobbies do not include long walks because she won’t wear flats. Trampolines became off limits after having two kids, and you certainly won’t catch her in Starbucks taking selfies while wearing Uggs.

Karrie Ford

Field Agent

Karrie came dancing into this world in Springfield MO, only 3 minutes behind the lead agent Melisa. She later graduated from Willard High School and then jumped feet first into the sales world.

She got her feet wet cold-calling during the timeshare boom and taking inbound banking calls. The experiences built her confidence, gave her a thick skin and taught her amazing customer service skills that ultimately fueled her desire for more than her current career path would give her.

Recognizing that she wasn’t fulfilled with Living on a Prayer and wanting to be part of something bigger, she set out to obtain her real-estate license. She joined up with the largest team in SW Missouri over a year ago and began learning the ins and outs of the business. Although she started out as an inside sales agent booking appointments for listing/buyers agents, Karrie knew that that role would get her only halfway there.

She knew she wasn’t content with making connections on the phone just to pass the baton to another agent, unable to see the connections through. Since her office didn’t give her one reason to stay there, she took the well timed opportunity to join her sister as a field agent and get the best of both worlds. 

Now, she gets to make connections with clients and see them all the way through their real estate journey as both a Listing and Buyers Agent.

Karrie enjoys time with the Fam, a good spray tan and the rare cuddles she gets with her terrorist toddler.